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Quality, the Environment and Safety in the Workplace policy.

THOR CONCRETE WORKS S.L. is a newly created construction company focused on CIVIL ENGINEERING which started off by betting heavily on quality and excellence in the delivery of services, as well as the preservation of the environment and the health and safety of the workforce.

THORSL seeks consolidation within the market as well as maintaining a competitive position in the sector and takes on the challenge of establishing an integrated triple management system that complies with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:08/14001:04 and OHSAS 18001:07. The objective is that of CONTINUED IMPROVEMENT in the quality of services provided as well as all matters relating to the environment and health and safety of the workforce, all of this reflects in an increase in the satisfaction of both clients and interested parties.

A variety of important projects have been carried out from the outset, such as formwork in bridges, reservoirs and civil engineering building work in general, all of which showcases the quality of the work carried out and the trust nation-wide companies have placed on the company.

This continued improvement develops on a daily basis and is based on the effort and trust deposited on the workforce, their opinions are valued and they partake in the evolution and advancement of the system, which is strengthened by the open and smooth communication exercised with external parties. Management at THORSL does not neglect their third-partied companies and freelance workers and they may work on our sites secure in the knowledge that their health and safety will be safeguarded, as will the environment.

The main premise of our growth is to recruit a competent team for the work carried out which is conscious of the importance of their own savoir-faire in the improvement of services, respect for the environment and enforcement of preventive measures to eradicate possible accidents and hence prevent unnecessary risks.

THORSL seeks the reduction, minimizing or control of residual materials, dust emissions and combustion gasses as well as noise pollution from the machinery present on the building sites. Generated residues are varied in nature and range from toners and paper (derived from office work) to rubble, plastics, cardboard, dangerous substance containers etc. (derived from building works). A control and management system in line with the impact produced by said residues is enforced, and the companies that work with THORSL are made to comply with these policies, demanding the same code of conduct followed by the organization, with the prevention of contamination as their utmost priority.  

THORSL integrates prevention measures in all of the activities affected at all hierarchic levels, encouraging a veritable culture of prevention and eradication of accidents in the workplace, instilling a policy of zero accidents and proclaiming shared responsibility when it comes to prevention.

THORSL constantly re-considers building site risks: falls at different levels, machinery run-overs, excessive noise levels, electrical risks, objects falling at different levels, cuts and bruises caused by tools etc. Because of this, emphasis is placed on risk elimination at the point of origin and if this were not possible, the enforcing of collective measures that protect all the staff involved. These measures, together with those enforced by individuals will help towards the improvement of security and the subsequent elimination of accidents or incidents at our building sites.

THORSL is committed to complying with all of the legal requirements and any necessary obligations applying to themselves and the clients where the providing of the service and the health and safety of the workers is concerned. The main premises of the evolution, maintenance and advancing of the system are service provision, the environment and risk prevention of all resources within the company’s reach.

Management at THORSL declares that their policies, which constitute the essential guidelines in the establishment and revision of objectives and goals, are documented and implemented within the organization. This information is available for interested parties to read on request. It is further revised on a continuous basis in order for it to best serve the company’s interests.










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